Get the Glitches Out of … EMC® Captiva®

Find Issues First. Fix Them Fast. Improve Performance. Start in just days.

EMC Captiva is great software for getting documents into your system, but what happens when glitches get into Captiva? In complex environments, it’s tough to avoid “glitches” that threaten the performance of your document capture process – and downtime is a painful cost for IT and kills productivity.

What if you had a solution designed for Captiva with visibility into its components and overall application performance?

What if you could fix glitches in your Captiva system before they grew and impacted your SLAs?

What if you were alerted to poor Capture Flow and could fix it before users’ workflow was impacted?

And, what if you could do get started in a matter of days, or even hours?

Welcome to the world of Reveille — application performance management and monitoring designed for Captiva.

We capture the glitches in Captiva, so your document capture runs smoothly and you can focus on more important tasks. See for yourself…

CPTVA_MobileAlertProactive alerts signal trouble is brewing. Say goodbye to escalations.

No more chasing after mysterious problems. With Reveille, you’ll be alerted to specific Captiva issues before your capture production gets backlogged. Now that’s a great way to deliver on your SLA.

MonitorDrilldownFind the source of any issue quicker. So you can fix it faster.

Stop wasting time chasing the wrong problems. Clearly see the bottlenecks and drill down for related details. Know who to call and what to do.  Isolate issues early, remediate them quickly and bypass them automatically.

USDashboardSimple, color coded dashboards make it easy to see the big picture.

You’ve got your eyes on a lot of moving targets. So we use visual alerts, dashboards and scorecards to help you quickly assess what is going on and where to make improvements. Keep your Captiva KPI’s in check.

ScorecardReports that actually say something meaningful to both Business & IT.

Got questions? Reveille has answers. See if Captiva components are up and connected, and if jobs are flowing. Create your own reports. Possibilities are virtually endless.

ECMCenterExcellenceYour babysitting days are over. Install Reveille. Move on to grown-up stuff.

At last, Reveille can take care of your application so you don’t need any full-time, direct monitoring. It’s like adding staff – only with the same headcount and payroll! Focus your skills on more valuable tasks like new capture flows.

WizardDeploy in days. Start monitoring in minutes. No programming. No kidding.

Reveille was designed for Captiva, so the set-up process is easy and fast. There’s no programming and no worries. Pre-configured wizards make it fast and easy to get up and running in days.

Need more technical information?

Gain deeper insight about how Reveille can keep your document capture in check with the Reveille for EMC Captiva Datasheet.