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How It Works

Reveille pairs with ECM and EIM applications you already use and enhances them with intuitive management solutions. Track performance, dig deep into your document workflows, resolve issues in their entirety and achieve the active insight you’ve always wanted.

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Reveille plays well with others, especially the diverse catalog of enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise information management (EIM) assets in your office. Gain unprecedented transparency, manage complex workloads and turn analysis into action across these popular platforms:


Don’t just capture raw data. Reveille helps you capture the moment with unmatched asset awareness and complete process visibility into these popular capture applications:

  • OpenText Captiva
  • Kofax
  • IBM Datacap


When problems solve themselves, you save your brain cells for strategy. Rely on Reveille to secure sensitive information and uphold compliance with automated repository maintenance for these workplace favorites:

  • OpenText Documentum
  • OpenText Content Server
  • IBM FileNet


Reveille gives clarity to cooperative workflows, breaks down barriers between your employees and enhances productivity across these collaborative tools:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Box
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The myriad of moving parts in modern content services make active insight nearly impossible. Customers trust Reveille to connect with their most vital ECM and EIM assets like never before, enabling a broad set of management disciplines.


Application Adoption
Modern businesses run on apps. Reveille tells you which apps employees use, how they’re used, when, where, by whom and more, all in real time.
Performance Analytics
Nothing frustrates users quite like under-performing platforms. Let Reveille remedy your EIM/ECM troubles across multiple apps and assets with real-time alerts, triage reports and automated remediation.


Behavioral Security
Evildoers beware! Reveille stands guard at all times by automatically documenting all user activity, analyzing usage patterns and shining a light on suspicious activity.
Audit Support
Compliance keeps sensitive data safe and businesses secure inside and out. So when regulators come knocking, let Reveille do the talking with easy-to-assemble, comprehensive historical access reports sent to your legal team, administrators and/or third-party auditors.


Capacity Planning
High usage and web transactions slowing down your network? Get proactive reports from Reveille detailing response times, peak hours and other trends that can help your business relieve congestion before your productivity bursts.
Upgrade Planning
Change is the only constant in modern business. Reveille taps you into your service quality baselines so your business makes dynamic, data-driven improvements.
Private Cloud Visibility
Shared services bring businesses together. Bad shared services tear them apart. With Reveille, know exactly where your integrated workflows need a swift kick in the pants.

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We proudly support more than 400 companies worldwide.