Who We Are

Reveille (rev-uh-lee) n. A signal or wake-up call sounded to alert military personnel for assembly.

When mission-critical ECM and EIM operations go sideways, Reveille is there to set things right again. For nearly two decades, our software solutions have helped businesses monitor, analyze, maintain and gain insight from enterprise capture, repository and collaboration platforms, as well as content services applications.

Meet the Team

Take a second to learn about the minds behind Reveille Software.

Dennis Crumpler

Asset-62Dennis Crumpler has more than 25 years of experience in building and managing successful technology companies.

Dennis began his career as a Consultant with McKinsey & Company in 1982 after earning a B.S. from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He then co-founded Sales Technologies, which would later be acquired by Dun & Bradstreet. In 1986, Dennis founded XcelleNet, Inc. (Atlanta), which became the IT industry leader in systems management. Under his leadership, XcelleNet achieved an initial public offering in 1994 and was acquired by Sterling Commerce in 1998.

Since 1998, Dennis has been General Partner of CIMCO, LLC, a private investment management company. He also advises Catalysta Ventures, Hatteras Venture Partners, Chatham Capital and Fulcrum Venture Partners. In addition, Dennis serves as General Partner of TechDiscovery, LLC, and Chairman of both Silas Technologies and Optima Management, LLC.

Bob Estes
President and CEO

Asset-63CEO and a member of the Board of Directors, Bob Estes is responsible for Reveille’s strategy and operations. Over the past 25 years, Bob has successfully launched several early-stage high-tech software companies and honed his expertise in integrating product strategy across operations and acquisitions.

Bob helped start MediaBin Inc., a market leader in brand asset management, which was later acquired by Interwoven, Inc. He has also served as VP of Marketing and Product Management with several Atlanta-based software companies focused on enterprise content management, sales force automation and mobile communications, including XcelleNet, Inc. Bob graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology and considers himself a proud Yellow Jacket. Connect with Bob Estes on LinkedIn.

Brian DeWyer
Chief Technology Officer

Asset-64Brian DeWyer is a co-founder of Reveille. With more than 25 years experience in both line and staff management, he provides business guidance as well as technical direction.

Brian has seen it all, with exposure to vendor, consultant, channel and operational roles through numerous on-premises and cloud-based solution implementations for Fortune 1000 commercial and government clients. He has led process change efforts within large organizations, building on content-driven solutions for high-volume transaction processing applications.

Brian was a workflow consulting practice leader for IBM Global Services. He is a past board member of the Association of Image and Information Management (AIIM) industry association, a current member of AIIM Finance and Nominating committees and a speaker at numerous local AIIM chapter and national conferences. Brian graduated from Virginia Tech with a BSME and holds an MBA from Wake Forest University. He is an eternally suffering Cleveland Browns aficionado. Connect with Brian DeWyer on LinkedIn.

Sean Allen
Vice President of Marketing

Asset-65Sean Allen drives go-to-market strategy and execution for Reveille. Sean has been a part of high-growth technology companies in the application management, mobile, appdev, virtualization and cloud space for more than 20 years.

Sean brings both tremendous domain expertise as well as key skill sets in the product marketing, sales and business development areas. He is instrumental to Reveille’s growth thanks to his ability to craft product strategy and message while working with key influencer communities, such as analysts, to properly position emerging growth technology. Sean has served in product strategy, product marketing, field operations, technical sales and business development roles with several leading technology companies, including Mercury, Salesforce, Tivoli and VMware. Sean is a graduate of Auburn University with a B.S. in Computer Science. Connect with Sean Allen on LinkedIn.

Rodney Trugman
Director of Development

Asset-66Rodney Trugman is responsible for the overall architecture, design and development of software products for Reveille. Rodney has more than 25 years of software development expertise, an extensive background in managing product development teams, and holds several US Patents.

Rodney previously held management and executive positions for product development, software engineering and technical architecture at XcelleNet Inc. He was the product architect for both of XcelleNet’s major product lines, as well as RemoteWare and Afaria. Rodney has also held various positions with Computer Generation, Inc. and Hughes Aircraft Company, where he was awarded Software Engineer of the Year.

Rodney graduated from Western Kentucky University and earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. Connect with Rodney Trugman on LinkedIn.

Our Expertise

Reveille is trusted by more than 200 Fortune 500 companies to protect and preserve their most valuable digital assets.
Financial/Consumer Services
Data Center/ SaaS Providers

Our Customers

We proudly support more than 400 companies worldwide. Why do today’s leaders seek out Reveille?

We provide user analytics, bringing clarity to how your apps and content are being used, enforcing deeper security and insight.
We improve application performance and preserve uptime across platforms.
We provide easier access to everything happening in your content services platform, cutting down the time spent on compliance and audit.
We provide deep usage visibility making sure you stay ahead of planning and reporting issues for your private content cloud.

Reveille always has something in the works. Check out our events page for announcements and upcoming releases.

Our Partners

Close partnerships with content services vendors set Reveille apart from the crowd. Up-to-date active insight capabilities, be they new product iterations or extended applications, can be forged only through collaboration with the very best.