ECM, Change it! And Cut Costs Too

AIIM-Survey-Figure-7In a recent survey by AIIM and Reveille Software, most people indicated they are facing potential system disruptions from legacy content migration (50%), system consolidation (35%), mobile devices (30%), and overdue upgrades (23%). But more than half are also under pressure to reduce operational costs and a third are tasked with improving service levels.

Does this sound familiar?

“Let’s change everything about our ECM – consolidate, launch new initiatives (have we done mobile yet?), and of course, get that latest release implemented. And, we need you to cut costs while you are doing it.  Oh, and by the way, don’t forget that service level guarantee we have with the business.  Got it all? Have a great day!” 


The rate of change and the pressure to change is increasing. And all these changes are vitally important for the business.  But, can you really get it all done with the same restricted resource profile and less expense?

Most ECM professionals need more automation around the management of their ECM systems in order to free up resources to accomplish the more important stuff, the strategic stuff.  Dealing with operational issues, performance issues, and responding to unhappy stakeholders requires significant time, and does not advance the business or the application.

By deploying solutions that can automate required and important changes, organizations are better positioned to accomplish the dual mission of: (1) advancing the application and strategy, and (2) reducing costs and resource profile – all while meeting those critical SLAs. Read about AIIMs other recommendations.