Evaluating Trends Over Time: The Key to Becoming Proactive

When you provide application support, often it feels like you are stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day.”  Day in and day out, user problems crop up and you move from fire to fire, never being able to find the time to think and plan how to get out of that vicious cycle.  It might be all that you can do to discover the root of an issue and fix it – let alone try to prevent it from happening again.  Strategic activities like future capacity planning keep getting pushed to the back-burner.

AIIM-Survey-Figure-11Reveille’s survey with AIIM confirmed this – only 29% of the respondents were in a position to monitor trends over time in key performance indicators (KPIs) like usage, content growth, processing, machine health and more.   55% of the respondents wanted to be able to track trends over time but said  they did not have the tools to do so.

This is where Reveille can help you shine – Reveille provides KPI’s specific to your ECM system and allows you to see changes over time in flexible, easy to set up Scorecards.  These Scorecards reveal trends like increased usage, geographical performance problems and much more that you can use to pre-empt the problems.  And it all helps you put down the fire hose and finally wake up “the day after” Groundhog Day.

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