Are You Flying in the Dark?

Years ago I met the manager of one of the largest implementations of an enterprise content management “ecosystem” ever deployed (at least according to him). He appeared to be credible as he was from a global 20 company that touches customer transactions 24/7 in a very formidable and comprehensive way. The most interesting part of the conversation was that the ECM system was vitally important and therefore mission-critical, but they felt like they were “flying in the dark” with respect to overall system management and user service-levels. This impacted not only the operations in the present, but also planning for growth. His point was, these enterprise systems were NOT instrumented for enterprise-levels of services.

Since then ECM systems have certainly come a long way in terms of capabilities, and a recent AIIM survey revealed that 75% of respondents have ECM/DM systems that they consider to be “business-critical” – including most SharePoint users. In fact,  46% have critical process workflows and/or high volume capture systems. I would add that the new trends in social networking coupled with the “DropBox effect” of content distribution on the “edge of the universe” have further pushed the service-level matrix into high priority.

Are you “flying in the dark” in trying to support the demanding service-level requirements of enterprise-class content management systems? Check out the AIIM white paper to see more survey statistics and learn what AIIM is recommending.