Who’s Doing Your ECM QA? Your Users?

APMdigest, December 5, 2014
Dave Gibson, Reveille COO

End users are increasingly demanding. Not many years ago, expectations for apps and performance were set by experience with in-house systems. Now, users’ expectations are set by social media interaction in terms of interfaces and performance. Everyone expects high-performance access – both in their personal lives and for their knowledge worker applications.

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems, and their supporting IT and application teams, know this all too well. How often have you heard, “It’s taking forever to download a document,” or “search is taking forever!”

Two big problems are revealed – what do these ambiguous performance comments mean in terms of measured ECM application service levels AND why are you hearing about this problem from your end user? These problems lead to more questions. How do you diagnose the issue? What does forever mean? Why does the user know about their performance problems before you do?

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