ECM app management tools more critical in the cloud era

With more companies beginning to migrate their content management systems into cloud-based environments, experts and analysts released new guidance related to proper security practices and steps toward optimization. Although there is plenty of evidence to support the notion that the cloud can indeed be just as secure as any other type of IT framework, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done to get protection up to successful levels.

The use of content services (ECM) tools based in hybrid cloud environments is spreading, with organizations in virtually every industry and region becoming more heavily reliant upon these systems to handle their information. As such, ECM app management software will be critical to ensure long-term security and optimal functionality within these frameworks.

A closer focus

TechTarget recently explained some of the more prominent matters involved in proper cloud-based ECM app management, affirming that many companies appear to be wondering whether investments into the tools are valuable or just risky. According to the news provider, a big focus has been directed toward “data warehouse automation,” which will essentially reduce the amount of repetitive tasks that need to be handled by workforce members and strengthen efficiency in the process.

However, while automation can indeed be helpful in reducing risk and improving accuracy of reporting, companies need to be careful when setting up these solutions to ensure that they are functioning properly and not creating errors across the systems. The source pointed out that every business needs to conduct a careful analysis of its specific opportunities and potential threats involved in cloud-based deployments, and that the assessment should be customized to the need of the firm rather than approaches in cookie-cutter fashion.

Automation is becoming prominent in cloud-based ECM, but must be handled properly. Automation is becoming prominent in cloud-based ECM, but must be handled properly.

It is worth noting that fewer organizations are able to get by without automated tools within ECM apps, and that the analysis procedures and creation of relevant strategies needs to take place soon to keep them up-to-date with modern trends. TechTarget noted that encryption software, continuity additions and other solutions can be integrated into these cloud-based data warehousing and ECM systems for stronger defense against threats.

Monitoring tools are invaluable

Although many firms have started to leverage encryption and other popular security tools, monitoring technology has appeared to lag significantly across industries. This is surprising given the benefits that come along with these investments. ECM app monitoring software will not only add a layer of protection against major data breaches and other threats, but will also help to ensure optimal performance is attained and sustained for longer periods of time.

What’s more, ECM app monitoring will make it far easier and more efficient to assess the ways in which providers are meeting the various components within service level agreements, protecting the company’s bottom line and returns on relevant investments in the process.