ECM app monitoring quells mobile data threats

Although many organizations and leaders have been mostly excited regarding the potential value of their rapidly growing data volumes, security remains as a significant challenge across industries and regions. Data breaches are rising in average cost and frequency, and it would be hard to argue that the organizations responsible for protecting sensitive information have gained any ground on the parties that represent risk. 

One of the main reasons why security has been so difficult is the constant introduction of new technologies that expand the accessibility of data, including mobile devices. However, when an organization has the right solutions to handle content services (ECM) app monitoring and management, control can once again be achieved. This helps to ensure that information does not slip out of the grasps of IT departments and others. 

Mobility Vs. Data Protection

TechTarget recently explained some of the ways in which health care providers have thus far struggled to balance the offering of freedom to their physicians and other employees by way of mobility while still adequately protecting and controlling information. The medical sector has been under a proverbial magnifying glass of late given the massive growth in data breach frequency and damages, as well as its continued commitment to building out IT power and modernization projects. 

Stronger content monitoring can yield a greater defense against breach. Stronger content monitoring can yield a greater defense against breach.

According to the news provider, one Minneapolis-based medical firm, Fairview Health Services, which has roughly 22,000 employees, has overcome some complexities and optimized its mobility strategies. Despite the fact that leaders of the firm – echoing the thoughts of many organizations – think that mobility comes with many challenges, they recognized it was also critical to helping deliver life-saving patient care. 

Speaking to the firm's chief information security officer, Barry Caplin, the source pointed to his suggestions regarding the matter of comprehension and handle on people, process and technology necessary to get the job done. 

"There is a lot in security that's conceptually simple, but the operational, the boots-on-the-ground stuff is very complex," Caplin affirmed to TechTarget. "We can't just slap on a solution because if it doesn't mesh with how people work day to day, then it's not going to work."

A Solution With ECM Monitoring Apps

Whether a business is handling medical information or data that falls into less sensitive categories, the fact remains that mobility is mission imperative in the modern market. And, it does not need to spell disaster for security performances. Instead, leveraging ECM app monitoring software to maintain visibility and control of the content being accessed by staff members and stored by the organization itself can go a long way toward improving protection against breach. 

With the right tools, data security, access, efficiency and speed can all be bolstered in one fell swoop, helping organizations capture the advantages of mobility without taking on excessive risk.