ECM app performance management critical during the holidays

Retailers were among the first entities to begin leveraging advanced analytics solutions for marketing and brand management. As they geared up for the holidays, these businesses ought to have prepared their Content Services Platforms (ECM) for massive increases in data volumes.

When ECM app performance management software is not in use, retailers might begin to experience major disruptions that lead to outages or even lost data. In recent months, retailers and similar businesses benefited from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and general holiday sales, but only if their IT was functioning optimally. ECM app performance management software can help to ensure a smooth and profitable holiday shopping season for all.

Marketing implications for ECM app performance management

Gartner recently argued that the vast majority of marketers – 98 percent – are working to create more cohesion between their digital and offline branding initiatives. Considering the fact that ECM apps will be used to handle the lion’s share of relevant data, these pieces of software must be properly managed to not only keep customer information safe, but also maintain the¬†value of data over time.

Perhaps not that surprisingly, the analysts asserted that digital business is changing the marketing arena rapidly, and can be highly valuable when trying to reach younger generations such as millennials.

Businesses must monitor ECM app performance this holiday season. Businesses must monitor ECM app performance this holiday season.

“The rise in digital commerce is an opportunity for marketers,” Jake Sorofman, Gartner research vice president, affirmed. “There was a time when marketing and selling were two distinct disciplines. In many cases, digital merges these two into a single, continuous activity from initial awareness, through engagement, conversion, transaction and repeat purchase. Marketers can now tie spend to revenue. In fact, it’s becoming a mandate.”

Now, should business leaders want to enjoy stronger profit margins in 2016, they will need to ensure that their ECM apps are performing properly and consistently.

Overflowing with opportunity

ECM apps are highly important, especially when the systems are being used for reporting, accounting, marketing, customer interaction management and other processes. By leveraging proven ECM app performance management software, retailers and others will be able to get more out of the data generated this holiday shopping season, and can mitigate the risk of damaging outages that would otherwise take place within these solutions.