The ECM Downtime Struggle is Real: Start Monitoring Performance

Technology has moved quickly in recent years, making it difficult for leaders to get a handle on their operations. While much of the focus is on current trends such as IoT, mobility and cloud computing, smart organizations realize that competitiveness hinges on data and their content service platforms (ECM).

Chances are you know how difficult it is to manage your ECM infrastructure and gain visibility into daily transactions, performance and usage. But, did you know someone has already solved that problem?

The first step is recognizing that your ECM apps are indeed mission-critical to operational continuity, productivity, success and the like, and that any disruption you face will almost certainly lead to major financial implications without much warning. Managers responsible for ECM are likely feeling the heat of downtime and outages.

This is a serious conversation! Consider some of the following statistics:

  • About 80 percent of business leaders have stated that their ECM apps are mission critical, and even smaller, shorter outages would be disastrous.
  • Even though leaders resoundingly cite the important nature of ECM, 60 percent do not gather and analyze the types of information necessary to properly manage and protect performance.
  • One-quarter of production-related ECM app outages lead to damages higher than $500,000 for each hour of disruption, and the total average is $50,000 an hour in losses.

That is a little taste of what’s in store for companies that do not actually take action on their ECM application performance monitoring and management responsibilities. Let’s dive into these matters in greater detail.

The clock is ticking

Within the first hour of an ECM outage, 42 percent of leaders believe that their operations would be significantly threatened. This goes up to 71 percent after the four hour mark. While complete outages are relatively uncommon, minor disruption occurs at a higher frequency and has a negative impact on user adoption and experience.

The act of performance monitoring not only helps avoid issues altogether, but significantly reduces the time it takes to get the systems back up and running. The faster your organization resolves an issue and gets back to normalcy, the less damages will be incurred.

“There is a better way to approach ECM visibility challenges.”

Certain industries are in tougher positions than others, with the healthcare sector seeing a 41 percent increase in the average financial damages of unplanned system disruptions during a three year period. What’s more, all of these aforementioned figures only pertain to direct losses – indirect damages will certainly follow. For example, productivity losses can amount to $100,000 when ECM apps are inaccessible for even a relatively short period of time.

Thankfully, there is a better way. The innovation of performance management is intensifying and enabling new methods to solve this challenge more comfortably.

The answer: Advanced ECM monitoring and management

By leveraging advanced management solutions designed specifically to monitor core ECM processes and components, you reduce the risk of downtime and lower the chances of an outages – even short ones.

While some companies choose to monitor ECM app performance with homegrown or horizontal monitoring solutions, they do not provide the necessary day-to-day operational efficiencies. For example, only 42 percent of companies will meet 95 percent of their service level agreements when choosing these ineffective monitoring solutions.

What if you knew there was an ECM-centric solution built specifically for performance management of your chosen apps? You would be able to ensure your SLAs are met, your uptime is protected proactively and you would have quicker resolutions.

This, and more, is possible with Reveille’s ECM-specific management and analytics solutions. Ninety five percent of customers meet 95 percent of their SLAs and enjoy a 97 percent faster time to resolution when outages come to pass. So, what’s it going to be?

Be an ECM hero and discover Reveille today.