Top 5 OpenText Enterprise World 2017 Takeaways

Last week, over 5,000 folks flocked to Toronto for OpenText Enterprise World. There was so much to see and do that it was nearly overwhelming.

Chief among the activities were educational sessions, including keynotes by Wayne Gretzky and Michele Romanow. The exhibit hall was packed with partners, including Reveille. Attendees smartly understood ECM, content services, and content security topics.  It felt like a larger  ‘Momentum’ event without the prerequisite content services educational sessions for the hardware crowd.  In discussing OpenText Enterprise World 2017 with our team and scanning the #OTEW hashtag on Twitter, I’ve collected a few takeaways from the conference:

1. Magellan isn’t just a Portuguese explorer

OpenText launched the newest product in its portfolio, Magellan:

Described as a flexible, AI-powered Analytics platform, Magellan aims to enable machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization. What does this mean for OpenText customers? The ability to acquire, merge, manage and analyze big data with a little help from artificial intelligence. We’re looking forward to learning more about how OpenText partners can feed into Magellan and access the results.

2. Great news, content apps are easier than ever to create. Now what?

With a continued commitment to their low-code development platform, OpenText promotes simple app creation with announced updates for AppWorks. Easier and faster application creation brings a growing focus on application adoption. Visibility into user behavior and performance through the lens of these apps will be more important than ever before. Learn more about how Reveille can help with app adoption.

3. Documentum is still a big deal

Clearly Documentum, which has been a darling among our customer base for many years, then a period of stagnancy under the EMC umbrella, now shows renewed engineering investment and new additions to the product roadmap. After the originally scheduled 2017 Documentum Roadmap session overflowed, OpenText spun up a second one for those that missed the first due to the SRO crowds. And LEAP is core (no pun intended) to OpenText public cloud future plans as the ‘better together’ theme supports hybrid content services implementations.  Focus and dedication to make Documentum a world-class solution while it integrates OpenText’s vision for the future promises an interesting horizon for the newly acquired ECD division from Dell EMC.

4. Content security is beginning to get the attention it deserves

It was great to see a few sessions on security as we have seen an uptick in security risks. In the developer session “How To: Hardening OpenText Content Server and Solidifying its Security,” attendees got an overview on settings that can be used natively to create a more secure Content Server environment. Our customers tell us that native security unfortunately isn’t enough and look for us to help them harden overall security via user behavior visibility. For these reasons, we’ve added a bulk of security features in our newest release to help customers protect their content and prepare for audits.

5. it wouldn’t be toronto without the great one

As the home of the Hockey Hall of Fame, it would be a missed opportunity not to invite hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, to Enterprise World in Toronto. Gretzky took the stage with OpenText CEO, Mark Barrenechea, to talk about the similarities between hockey and software. If you’re wondering what the two could possibly have in common, you’re not alone. The two drew parallels such as the importance of teamwork and collaboration, being able to pivot when necessary, and adapt to a forever changing environment – to be able to, as he is often quoted as saying “Skate to where to puck is going to be.” The two don’t seem so foreign after all.


What did you take away from OpenText Enterprise World 2017?

We thank everyone who took the time to stop by our booth. Didn’t get a chance to drop by? Don’t worry – you can learn more about us here.


Image Source: OpenText