Reveille 8 Unlocks Significant Value for Content Service Platforms

Reveille 8 screen view


Atlanta, GA – February 13, 2018
Reveille Software has launched Reveille 8 today. This significant release leverages enhanced user analytics that provide active insight into an organization’s content services platform (CSP). It represents a significant shift and leap forward across the themes of modernization, coverage and insight. Through a beautiful new UI, Reveille 8 provides real-time insights on how to enhance performance and adoption, increases security and audit capabilities, along with streamlining and planning for future requirements.


“Reveille 8 represents a significant investment for us in modernizing the platform and really making the data we harvest work much harder for our customers,” said Sean Allen, vice president of marketing for Reveille. “This massive effort acknowledges the growing importance of content for our customers coupled with their demand for finding hidden intelligence in a sea of data. We believe that deeply understanding the intersection of users, content and behavior represents a massive ongoing opportunity to create valuable active insight for any organization that considers content critical.”


  • Expanded harvesting of user transaction data offering more visibility and analytics of how content is being used and who is accessing it
  • Entirely new modern responsive web app for accessing deep insights and visualizations
  • Implemented full RESTful API across most server functions to smooth bi-directional integration
  • Container and Docker deployment options


  • Extended OS, browser and source platform support
    • Most recent Windows Server and SQL Server
    • Support for latest IE, Edge, Firefox and Chrome browsers
    • Accessibility from iOS 9+ and Android 6+
  • Deeper PowerShell support


  • Application Adoption – explore the depths of user experience in the context of content-based apps
  • Audit Support – respect compliance clear audits in record time with clean and easy access to comprehensive usage information
  • Behavioral Security – understand normal versus anomalous behavior and enforce content security with visibility and intelligence
  • Capacity Planning – see the present, and predict the future to keep content flowing smoothly
  • Performance Analytics – get ahead of problems in real time and automatically fix before impact
  • Private Cloud Visibility – resource smarter and track experience and consumption by LOB or app
  • Upgrade Planning – compare baselines for objective proof of improvements

More info:

Detailed information is in our release overview, or you can watch a video here. To learn more about Reveille Software, visit, or call +1 877 897 2579

About Reveille Software
Reveille gives customers unparalleled visibility into their content services platform. Organizations of all sizes rely on us to gain deep insight into performance, security, adoption, compliance and more. We empower direct action, armed by intelligence, to create smooth and incident-free operation. Reveille is trusted by more than 400 companies worldwide to protect and preserve their most valuable digital assets.