Using Analytics to Understand and Improve User Adoption

EMC SPARK blog, March 14, 2016

Why are adoption rates for some enterprise applications below expectations? And what can be done about it?

Long-time EMC partner Reveille Software is on a mission to help organizations answer those questions. Sean Allen, VP of Marketing at Reveille, points to high adoption rates for certain consumer applications and technologies and says there are lessons to be learned there, especially in the use of analytics to better understand and respond to user behavior. “In the consumer world, we’re spoiled by how easy it is to interact with content and applications,” he says. “Now we expect the same great experience in the workplace.”

What Sean is referring to is often called “the consumerization of IT,” a small part of the broader digital transformation affecting organizations in nearly every industry. Digital transformation, or DX, describes the evolution of companies to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and demanding workforce. Today DX is a driving force in the development of products, services, and experiences designed for the digital consumer.Read full article.