Solutions by Discipline

Application Adoption

You want your app to make a splash with users. When ECM/EIM apps at your office are popular and easy to use, adoption soars and so does productivity. Active insight into user acquisition rates won’t just feed your ego, however. It can also feed your mission.

Audit Support

Sometimes looking back is the best way to blaze a path forward. When regulators, compliance officers or internal auditors have questions, you shouldn’t have to compromise your momentum to deliver the answers. Audit support transforms your historical logs into an open book. Ask and ye shall receive.

Behavioral Security

You already have simple, individual security measures in place. You know who has access to what. But can you and your content management team tell when things start to look fishy, even when they fall between the gaps of your existing security layers? By looking at activity from the user’s perspective, we can help you notice and address security risks long before odd behavior becomes bad news.

Capacity Planning

Whether you’re scaling up or scaling back, you won’t get anywhere without a solid understanding of where you are now and where you could be. Intelligent capacity planning promises just that – solid baseline readings and the freedom to experiment with capacity changes in risk-free environment.

Performance Analytics

Users don’t want excuses. So when opaque ECM/EIM apps get sluggish, productivity tanks and app adoption stalls, you need to know why. Get to the bottom of your performance issues with powerful dashboards that intuitively convey information on availability, responsiveness and activity across your content platform.

Private Cloud Visibility
Private Cloud Visibility

Running a business takes all kinds, but different lines of business demand different resources. Without an independent eye on each one, how can the business at large truly understand itself and its holistic goals? By segmenting ECM/EIM activity according to individual LOBs, businesses get the most out of their granular usage data.

Upgrade Planning

New technology, upgrades and cloud migration may look good on paper, but how can you tell whether you actually improved anything once you’ve crossed over? Upgrade planning gives you a full read-out on your ECM/EIM capacity and utilization before and after every major switcheroo.