Capacity & Upgrade Planning

Capacity Planning

Whether you’re scaling up or scaling back, you won’t get anywhere without a solid understanding of where you are now and where you could be. Intelligent capacity planning promises just that – solid baseline readings and the freedom to experiment with capacity changes in risk-free environment.

See the present, predict the future
  • Measure current capacity needs in real time.
  • Set “critical mass” alerts.
  • Chart the trajectory of your capacity usage
  • Discover how additional volume will alter your course.
Forecast capacity based on users, applications and more
  • Learn which users or applications take the most capacity.
  • Tweak variables like potential new hires and proposed technology investments to more accurately predict future capacity thresholds.

Upgrade Planning

New technology, upgrades and cloud migration may look good on paper, but how can you tell whether you actually improved anything once you’ve crossed over? Upgrade planning gives you a full read-out on your ECM/EIM capacity and utilization before and after every major switcheroo.

Find your baseline
  • Collect vital details on your current transaction volumes and response times.
  • Compare your performance footprint before and after upgrades.
  • Verify the value of your investments for stakeholders.
Put the ‘great’ in migrate
  • Moving your content management infrastructure to the cloud? Understand the user service level and customer experience expectations you’ll need to exceed.
  • Plan for a painless cloud migration.
  • See both your on-premises and cloud content services performance from one dashboard.
  • Improve with certainty.