Performance Analytics

Users don’t want excuses. So when opaque ECM/EIM apps get sluggish, productivity tanks and app adoption stalls, you need to know why. Get to the bottom of your performance issues with powerful dashboards that intuitively convey information on availability, responsiveness and activity across your content platform.

You can’t control what you can’t see
  • Stay aware of response times, peak loading, load patterns and capacity needs at a glance.
  • Fix problems immediately with real-time alerts or avoid them altogether with automated remediation.
  • Understand how weakened assets impact your entire content platform.
It’s all about the users
  • See performance as your users see it.
  • Get ahead of problems in real time.
  • Understand and report on customer experience and trends.
  • Know before they do, react before they are impacted, exceed your service obligations.

Watch it in action: