How It Works

Reveille keeps the wheels of your business turning. Whether your ECM/EIM operations are on-premises or in the cloud, our solutions will give you crystal-clear visibility into and complete control over your content management systems and strategy.


Reveille automatically collects, aggregates and distills raw data from myriad complex sources, including your content platform applications, its supporting infrastructure, and your users – no agent necessary and no hard-to-maintain interfaces to struggle with. Intelligent auto-discovery functionality also sniffs out ancillary configuration and connection information to create a proper data collection profile unique to your system.


Our solution continually assesses incoming data and notes connections, issues, behavioral baselines, deviations and other reasons for action. From there, you can either further distill data into visualized intelligence or skip the visualization step altogether and automatically respond to a variety of conditions that may require immediate action.


Reveille breathes life into your data by transforming disjointed numbers into insightful dashboards, adjustable charts, real-time alerts and formatted reports overflowing with pertinent information. Users can customize visuals as needed to better interpret the high-level intelligence.


Finally, make your move with automated or user-initiated actions through our pre-built integrations. Directly manipulate any and all applications across your content platform and remediate issues accordingly. Those actions will doubtlessly lead to the creation of new data, and the cycle starts anew.