Solutions by Source


As simple as its name suggests, Box brings content management to the cutting edge with an intuitive design, a powerful interface and mobile-friendly functionality. It’s the perfect resource for forward thinkers who want to break through the four walls of business, span the globe and collaborate effortlessly. But even a rich web of information-exchanging devices needs a central hub on which everyone, especially the analytics-minded, can depend. So anywhere Box goes, Reveille goes too. We support your collaborative network with the kinds of actionable insight that keep communication buzzing and the wheels of progress turning.

IBM Datacap

No software is perfect, so should Datacap users need a closer look into how their capture assets perform, communicate and carry out their duties, Reveille is at the ready. We provide active insight and automated alerts for every step of the capture process. Whether you’re scanning or downloading, validating or extracting, Reveille’s got your back with insightful context and advanced analytics capabilities.

IBM FileNet

What’s in a name? A lot when you choose an enterprise content management repository like IBM FileNet. After all, IBM is one of the world’s biggest names in computing, and legacies like theirs are earned. So it’s no wonder why so many businesses searching for the right content services solution land on FileNet. But even the big guys need back up from time to time, let alone some outside perspective. Supporting FileNet with Reveille injects your repository with unparalleled transparency and pushes you to the outer limits of operational excellence in ways even Watson would envy.


When capture processes go haywire and require a look under the hood, that’s where we come in. Reveille brings the power of real-time insight and automation to your entire capture platform and beyond – export processing to content service platforms, error remediation for key services, operating KPIs, and service level adherence across the Kofax solution ecosystem and more.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Real collaboration means building off each others ideas to reach a common objective. Companies all over the world, large and small, use SharePoint to manage collaborative projects of every size and accomplish everything they set their minds to. Reveille’s here to make sure you never stop working as one. We want to help SharePoint users uncover the nuances of how they collaborate and rewrite the book on what their content services are capable of achieving. Just think of Reveille as your new teammate.

OpenText Captiva

If you have OpenText Captiva, chances are you’ve also got a content services platform full of different sources and targets, as well as unique resourcing demands and error codes to memorize for each one. Reveille visualizes the breadth of OpenText Captiva’s functionality from a higher vantage point, with deep context, so users see all, know all and fix all at the very beginning without jamming up content services processes downstream.

OpenText Content Suite

Repositories like OpenText Content Suite are the vaults where businesses lock away their content for safe keeping, reachable only by those who know the secret passcode and how to navigate its complex tunnels to find the treasure. But even the best vaults have their faults. Users can’t track or extract what they can’t find, and unattended reserves of valuable information have a habit of attracting ne’er-do-wells. Let Reveille stand guard at the gates, act as an agentless steward of important content and fend off uninvited guests.

OpenText Documentum

Documentum transforms your content into a thriving repository ecosystem teeming with life and intelligence. As entries are organized and accessed with ease, Documentum expands the capabilities of your business and the depths of your decision-making. But when impending asset downtime and unauthorized activity threaten to upset operations, security or customer experience, Reveille will be there to save the day. Get the active insight necessary to spot worrisome user patterns and actually do something about them. Preserve the sanctity and functionality of your ever-growing repository with Reveille.

InfoArchive Activity iPad View
OpenText InfoArchive

InfoArchive helps unify your structured and unstructured data, preserving the value of your content while helping your organization stay compliant. With the high volume of business critical transactions and records that get ingested through the system, how can you ensure operational health and a consistent, reliable experience for your users? With Reveille, get unmatched comprehensive monitors to track, diagnose, repair and report on InfoArchive-specific operational exceptions. Preserve the auditability and defensibility of your records with active insight into user activity at the InfoArchive application transaction and platform level.