As simple as its name suggests, Box brings content management to the cutting edge with an intuitive design, a powerful interface and mobile-friendly functionality. It’s the perfect resource for forward thinkers who want to break through the four walls of business, span the globe and collaborate effortlessly.

But even a rich web of information-exchanging devices needs a central hub on which everyone, especially the analytics-minded, can depend. So anywhere Box goes, Reveille goes too. We support your collaborative network with the kinds of actionable insight that keep communication buzzing and the wheels of progress turning.

Interested in learning how Reveille can enhance every piece of your content services platform?



Monitor: Scope out performance, adoption, security and usage data across key collaboration assets.
Track: Glean valuable information regarding CX levels and response times, transactions, charge backs and more.
Notify: Reach out automatically when usage breaks the norm or drops too low.
Decide: Use real-time dashboards to determine how best to meet SLAs and CX expectations in any condition.
Do: Uncork bottlenecks in integration with other content services platforms (such as IBM) and keep the conversation flowing with Reveille.

Source Features

Awesome from all angles: No matter where users access Box, Reveille can gauge performance, response times and customer experience – even from content stored up in the cloud.
Read between the lines (of business): Want to know which parts of your business use your collaboration assets the most? Divide your repository volumes, current user activity and historical transactions along company lines for laser-focused resourcing.
Birds of a feather collaborate together: Some users take to collaboration like ducks to water. Others migrate away like sparrows. Either way, your goose won’t get cooked thanks to real-time insight into usage and common search queries.
Maximum experience, minimal effort: How well is Box keeping up with your CX and SLA expectations? Are users seeing the transaction times you expect? Is engagement high or low? Sounds like you need answers from intuitive, intelligible dashboards.
Be better at being better: See where your service levels and CX stand by comparing past performance against your latest upgrade.
Cry foul on bad eggs: What stinks? Could be suspicious user activity or unauthorized access. Good thing Reveille lets you sniff out bad behavior long before it gets out of hand.
On top of getting to the bottom: Reveille audit support puts users in touch with information about content, assets and users that regulators want to know.


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