OpenText Captiva

When you successfully capture, validate and extract data with OpenText Captiva, your content management process starts off on the right foot. But a lack of transparency can definitely trip up users at square one if they aren’t careful.

If you have OpenText Captiva, chances are you’ve also got a content services platform full of different sources and targets, as well as unique resourcing demands and error codes to memorize for each one. Reveille visualizes the breadth of OpenText Captiva’s functionality from a higher vantage point, with deep context, so users see all, know all, and fix all at the very beginning without jamming up content services processes downstream.

See it in Action


Interested in learning how Reveille can enhance every piece of your content services platform?



Observe: Know application CX and service levels in real time with unrivaled visibility.
Manage: Know when operating KPIs drop below or exceed severity-based thresholds.
Notify: Receive automatic alerts when your capture assets are on the fritz or off their mark based on your objectives.
Decide: Get to the root cause of issues with easy-to-interpret visualizations and reports.
Recover: Automate recovery actions to keep your capture process hiccup free.

Source Features

Know the ins and outs of your inputs and outputs: Oversee the availability and functionality of scanners, faxes, mobile devices, file importer tools and more with clarity and confidence.
Fear no error message or unknown exception: Glitches can no longer hide in the jungle of your content platform. Reveille goes on safari for you and retrieves problems for immediate resolution.
Say so long to expensive and annoying agents: Time savings and customer satisfaction are incredibly important. Use Reveille to automate testing, analysis and action on availability issues, batch processing counts and license usage.
See what you have, learn what you need: Let us simplify capacity planning by putting your transaction levels and processing needs in terms you understand. Better yet, we’ll even give you the ability to compare capture operating variables like batch activity and resource usage to gauge future capacity needs.
You can’t spell “improvement” without “prove it”: Stakeholders want hard evidence that shows their investments were truly worth the effort and the money. So give it to them. Reveille provides a data-packed before-and-after snapshot demonstrating the real value of your last upgrade.


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