OpenText Content Suite

Repositories like OpenText Content Suite are the vaults where businesses lock away their content for safe keeping, reachable only by those who know the secret passcode and how to navigate its complex tunnels to find the treasure.

But even the best vaults have their faults. Users can’t track or extract what they can’t find, and unattended reserves of valuable information have a habit of attracting ne’er-do-wells. Let Reveille stand guard at the gates, act as an agentless steward of important content and fend off uninvited guests.

See it in Action


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Monitor: Keep your repositories running smoothly with crystal-clear visibility into real-time operations.
Track: Create usage baselines for users accessing content, so you can spot unusual behavior.
Notify: Know the moment users break from the status quo, their transactions run long, capacity demands drift higher, compliance issues arise and more.
Decide: Manage repository traffic and ancillary workflows with more than 90 key and specific metrics.
Do: Act on today and prepare for tomorrow all thanks to active insight from Reveille.

Source Features

Look, Ma! No hands! Reveille gives you truly automated repository management that oversees your content environment and agentlessly executes intelligence.
Productivity in proportion: Do you have eyes on who uses which content repositories, how much content they store and their storing histories? Now you do with Reveille. Is there any better way to make sure your repositories are divvied up evenly across all LOBs?
Put requests to the test: Curious to see what users search for? Check out common requests by user in a flash.
Be one with the content universe: Plan out tomorrow’s capacity needs with near clairvoyance thanks to real-time repository volumes, user trends, extensive transaction histories and more.
Call ‘em like you see ‘em: Target which repositories experience the worst performance issues, so every upgrade is a cost-effective bullseye.
Root out (and boot out) bad behavior: Some rules are meant to be broken – just not the ones in your repository. Receive automated alerts on suspicious user activity and misused account privileges – and react in real time.
No-complaint compliance: Every minute you spend dealing with auditors is one minute less you spend on your business. Reveille retrieves and compiles comprehensive user activity information in no time flat.


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