Webinar: Customer Experience in the ECM World

Discover Visibility and Control of Your Content Services Platform

Do you want a huge leap forward in analytics and insightful action for your CSP? Watch this webinar and learn how Reveille 8 brings OpenText, IBM, Kofax, Microsoft, Box and more into full view, addressing questions such as:

  • Are the components of my CSP performing properly?
  • How do I know if the users are having a good experience?
  • What are the performance trends of my content stack?
  • Are our apps being used in the intended manner?
  • At what rate are apps and features being adopted?

Do you have a purpose-built management solution for your CSP? The data is clear, merely 41% of organizations without one hit their SLA targets 95% of the time or better, as opposed to 71% with.

Hear what these companies use to make it happen:

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